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We are changing warehouses, and for that reason have put most of our products on sale at clearance prices. So, whether you want an electric fence kit, posts, insulators, wire, polyconductors, or an electric fence charger, now is the time to act. Take advantage of these prices while they last, because you probably won't see electric fence prices this low again in your lifetime.

About This Site:

This site caters to electric fence customers who know what they want and like bargains. So it provides bare-bones information together with a wide array of  electric fence products at the lowest prices and small-volume discounts. Please note that we pride ourselves on having the lowest prices anywhere and will not be undersold (see our price match policy). To shop now, enter our product pages by clicking here. If you need to know more, either about electric fencing products or about specialized electric fences for horses, deer, bears, dogs, or other animals, visit one of our large websites (see below) to get a wealth of information. More generally, whichever site you use,

We Pledge You:

  • A Large Inventory
  • Quality Products
  • Lowest Prices
  • Prompt Delivery
  • Satisfaction
Our Other Websites:

We are a national web retailer, the McGregor Fence Company LLC, specializing in fence supplies. We have multiple websites dedicated to barrier deer fence, electric deer fence, bear fence (electric), horse fence (electric), dog fence (barrier) and cat fence (barrier). For gardeners we have two websites, one dedicated to keeping small animals out of gardens with the world's best garden fence (our own Mr. McGregor's Fence®) and the other dealing in a wide array of fences that will keep all animals out of gardens. of gardens. Each site provides a lot of information. So if you don’t know precisely what you want, or you wish to learn more about fences and fence supplies, click on one of those links to reach a site tailored to your needs.