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Solar-Powered Chargers


If you want a strong solar-powered charger you've come to the right place. We offer 1 to 3 joule solar-powered systems suited to dealing with long or weedy fences, bears, and deer. Some of these (the McGregor systems) are quite affordable, while others (the Speedrite systems) are more expensive but feature superb chargers with all sorts of bells and whistles. Please note that for any given system we pride ourselves on having the lowest prices anywhere and will not be undersold (see our price match policy).

For most purposes (short pasture and livestock fences without large weed burdens) the customary all-in-one 0.15 to 0.5 joule units by Parmak, Power Wizard, and others emit all the power needed to perform the assigned task. But if you need more power we've got it at affordable prices -- in some cases for very little more than the cost of the relatively weak all-in-one units.

The chargers below are listed by power from strongest to weakest. Use the blue links below to browse by brand.