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Electric Fence Kits


If you want an effective electric fence without having to round up small components, try one of our kits. As may be seen below, we have electric bear fences for campers and beekeepers, two strengths of deer fence (1-wire and 3-wire) in various lengths, and horse fences for creating portable paddocks, corrals, or pasture areas. For details on any of these kits, click on the "details" link for that kit--which will take you to pictures, drawings, and a full list of components; or to get more general information about fences for any of these animals, visit our user-friendly and descriptive electric fence websites dealing with bears, deer, and horses.

Like the bear and horse fence kits, the deer fence kits listed on these pages include a gate. However, they do not include a fence charger. Therefore, just after these deer kits we have included three suitable chargers (one AC-powered, one battery-powered, and one solar-powered) as well as kits for additional gates should you want them.